TVD Casters

We are devoted to casting quality & mature celebrities who are loosely associated with The Vampire Diaries cast and crew meaning anyone who works for the cast past or present and or has a direct link to people who work for the show past or present may join us. We’re not just another community looking for quantity as we’re seeking to fill this place with quality and keep this place friendly and intimate without the familiar hassles associated with roleplay. 

Please note that every player in this group is free to play their character(s) as they want to, therefore everything could be considered AU. For example, celebrities who are presently married are allowed to get divorced or if they want their significant other in play they can stay married. We’re completely open to what our writer’s want. We do not mean to disrespect any of the celebrities and we will not accept any kind of anon hate for our choices. We also do not claim to know or be any of the people portrayed within. Thank you!

Excuse me while I promo the shit out of the RP I’m in.


Welcome to Peregrine Ridge. An Estate in the city of Peregrine where a group of unique young people are forced to live. These young people are forced from there homes and told that if they do not agree to come and stay at the estate, everyone they have ever cared for will be murdered. 

The group of young people of course go, only to find out that they are Personifications. Creatures at are the entire essence of human emotions. They must learn to control there abilities and natures and learn to peacefully live with one another. But when an emotion motivates your entire existence things are bound to get… heated.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us through our ask box!

Ian Somerhalder gifts part 18

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Dirty Dozen

This is a list of My top ‘Dirty Dozen’. ;D This is for Krislyn. xD


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